Tax refunds and relief for office owners

Our service helps office owners identify unclaimed capital allowances and receive tax refunds. Our reports are guaranteed to be fully HMRC compliant to get you the maximum tax refund.

Office building owners are often unaware that their property is holding thousands of pounds of unclaimed tax relief in the form of Embedded Capital Allowances. These are allowances on items of plant and machinery and integral features such as air conditioning, wiring and plumbing – essentially everything that would remain in your property if you tipped it upside down.

As long as you own a commercial property and pay UK tax then you are entitled to claim. We specialise in Capital Allowances Tax Relief and our expert in-house team work exclusively in this niche area of taxation. On average it takes only 6 weeks from our initial meeting to you receiving your relief from HMRC.

Typically we would expect to find around 25% of the original purchase value of the property in previously unidentified Capital Allowances. £100K of allowances in a £400K property which translates as £40K in tax refund and/or reduction in future tax liability to a higher rate tax payer, so it’s an exercise well worth doing.

Why HMA Tax?

Happy Clients

Over 95% of our previous clients would recommend us to a friend of colleague.

No Risk

There are no upfront fees! If HMRC doesn’t accept our claim, we don’t charge.

Tax Specialists

We specialise in Capital Allowances Tax Relief and our expert in-house team work exclusively in this niche area of taxation.


We do the difficult bit for you, we need only a little of your time to gather information and talk you through the process, we’ll do the rest.


Probably not. It’s a highly specialised area of tax statute and requires very specific knowledge of this area as well as a specialist team that includes a chartered surveyor and a chartered tax specialist.

We partner with hundreds of Accountants & Solicitors across the UK to help their clients receive the maximum tax relief available. If we don’t already work directly with your accountant, we’d like to, so please ask them about our service.


No, Capital Allowance claims do not effect the value of your property and don’t make any change to your Capital Gains position.

No, we submit all our claims to HMRC for approval and the refund comes from them. Our reports are very detailed and ensure HMRC have all the information they need when processing your claim.

Absolutely not. We look at claims for you on a results only basis, which means that if we do not find allowances that have been approved by HMRC, then we charge you nothing and any initial costs are covered by us. Our fee is completely linked to a successful outcome, so there is nothing to lose by investigating a potential claim.

Recent Claims

We make sucessful claims every day and we have a 100% approval rate with HMRC. Below are some recent examples of claims we have made for happy Clients.