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Every month we identify over £10m in Capital Allowances for our Clients. Your property could be next.

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Every Capital Allowances claim we have ever submitted to HMRC has been approved.

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On average, a Capital Allowances claim is worth 26.5% of the cost of your property.

Capital Allowance Tax Refunds

We help Commercial Property Owners Just like you.

You’re probably unaware that your property is holding thousands of pounds in unclaimed tax relief in the form of Embedded Capital Allowances. Thanks to the Capital Allowances Act 2001 property owners can claim for items that were embedded within the property at the time of purchase. Properties that can claim tax relief include:

How does making a claim work?


Claiming Embedded Capital Allowances is simple, straightforward and stress-free. Our expert team work hard to ensure that you receive the tax relief you are entitled to in a way that requires very little input from you.


Our tax team exclusively specialise in Capital Allowances. As a result, they are very successful at claiming the maximum tax relief for property owners.

Expert Surveyors

Our fully qualified, in-house surveying team are able to use their unique experience to identify & value items others can’t.

Hidden Capital Allowances

What items are claimable?


What are Capital Allowances?

Thanks to the Capital Allowances Act 2001 property owners can claim for items embedded within their property at the point of purchase. This includes bathroom fittings, fire safety systems, electrical wiring and many other items. These claims can be made retrospectively.

This isn’t tax evasion and it’s not something your Accountant will have already claimed for you, it’s simply little-known legislation that requires a very specialist team.

Join the thousands of people who have already received substantial tax refunds, just by following our process. 

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Over the past 4 years we have successfully completed Capital Allowance tax claims for thousands of clients and professionals.

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Sarah Treacy
Sarah Treacy
5 out of 5 stars
a week ago
Really glad to have spent the last few weeks working with HMA Tax. Great throughout the whole process, and submitted our claim to the HMRC on our behalf.
Sky Lucka
Sky Lucka
5 out of 5 stars
in the last week
I met with a few capital allowances companies and HMA was the one I chose, simply because they took the time to talk to me and explain things without pressuring me to sign up. They were not the cheapest that I met, but I wanted a trustworthy company to complete...
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Tacara Phillips
Tacara Phillips
5 out of 5 stars
in the last week
We would hesitate to recommend and will certainly use again if I buy more property.Thank you
Lawrence Roy
Lawrence Roy
5 out of 5 stars
in the last week
Very fast and good communication, friendly all in all a very efferent and positive experience. Thanks all


Answers to some frequently asked questions.

This is not something  your Accountant has likely claimed for you, as it requires a survey of your property and an experienced tax team to maximise your claim. If you are unsure, please get in touch and we will quickly establish if you have already made a claim.

Claiming Capital Allowances is neither tax evasion nor avoidance, we simply follow the law set out in the Capital Allowances Act 2001.  The law states that items embedded in commercial property can be claimed for and with necessary knowledge and expertise, these items can be identified and valued. Our service is guaranteed to be fully HMRC compliant to get our clients the maximum tax refund.

We have a simple, fixed and fair pricing policy; our fee is a small percentage of the Allowances we successfully identify for you. We’ll tell you more about this before we start your claim.

We make successful claims every day.

Below are some anonymised examples of our most recent claims.