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Capital Allowance FAQ

Capital Allowance FAQ


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Embedded Capital Allowance claims require expert knowledge on both property surveying and specialists tax legislation.

Your typical accounting firms often wouldn’t have the resources or experience to prepare claims that are acceptable and stand up to HMRC scrutiny.

If you or your company pay tax in the UK and own a commercial property, you are likely to qualify for an Embedded Capital Allowance claim

Whilst Embedded Capital Allowances have been available for a number of years, in order to identify, value and claim allowances specialist knowledge is required.

HMA Tax is a specialist team of Tax Experts and Surveyors that work together to identify the allowances and formulate a legitimate claims across the UK.

Whilst Accountants are very skilled at claiming for invoiced expenditure such as office furniture and computers, a typical firm rarely have the necessary resources or surveying skills to identify unseen capital items which may be part of the fabric of a building.

For property bought or built before April 2014, there are no time restrictions on eligible claims.

However, from April 2014 new rules were introduced that effectively impose a tax year time limit where allowances have previously been claimed.

From April 2014 these rules have been tightened and if your property falls into this category we suggest you seek urgent advice.

No – these allowances are not taken into account when a property is valued.

However, if the  allowances have been identified and valued, it may help you negotiate higher price in a future sale.

The whole process takes between a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on the size of the property.

Our Surveyors will do this as conveniently as possible to reduce any inconvenience to your business.

The survey costs are included within our fees. There are no additional costs for a property survey, regardless of the size or number of properties.

Floor plans and buildings reports can be very useful when preparing for a survey.

If you can provide any of these supporting documents prior to the survey, the duration of the visit can often be reduced by up to 50%.

As you know your property better then anyone else, we will email you our Survey Review Form. This assists our Tax Specialists in identifying which items in the property are eligible for Capital Allowances and items that may have previously been claimed.

As it is completed online in only a few short minutes, our Tax Specialists can then begin preparing your final Report as soon as you have completed the form.

The Survey Review Form is a short online questionnaire that only takes a few minutes to complete.

It should just need your personal knowledge of the property; no extra information is required.

No, the survey review form is a vital step in completing an accurate Embedded Capital Allowance Claim.

Once completed, our Tax Specialists can complete your ECA Report.

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You should review the report to ensure it is complete and accurate before liaising with us to arrange the submission to HMRC.

We can submit the report to HMRC for you or assist you alongside your Accountant.

The report is submitted on your tax return to allow HMRC to review and approve it before you receive the benefit.

If you need assistance with this step please email your Customer Success Manager

Our clients typically should receive the refund or relief within 28 days from submission to HMRC.

We suggest getting in contact ASAP – unless appropriate caveats are included in the contracts before they are exchanged then valuable tax relief may be forgone.