Join some the UKs largest legal and accounting firms, and help your clients achieve significant tax relief.

HMA Tax can grant you and your clients access to our award-winning embedded capital allowance service, providing proactive tax management that will greatly improve their overall tax position.

To ensure that your clients and network are receiving the maximum tax relief they are entitled to, we would like to offer you the opportunity to partner with HMA Tax.

Through becoming a partner, you will gain access and insights from our team of Claims Specialists across the UK.

Our expert teams work with some of the UKs largest accounting and legal practices in improving their clients overall tax position through identifying, valuing and claiming of significant tax credits held within commercial properties.

Proactive tax management through an embedded capital allowance claim can unlock value in both tax credits and refunds for your clients.

We offer generous commissions within our tiered partnership program. All you need to do is make the first introduction and we do the rest. You can receive a percentage of our fee for the introduction, which can be awarded to you, your firm or as a discount to your client.

Our dedicated Claims Specialists work directly with you and your clients to ensure their capital allowance claim is worry-free, timely and maximised.


We specialise in Capital Allowances Tax Relief and our expert in-house team work exclusively in this niche area of taxation. We’ll do all of the research and tax work.


Our specialists will assist you in identifying potential clients for Embedded Capital Allowances claims. There is often a huge pool of untapped commissions with your existing client base.


At HMA Tax, our service creates happy clients. Over 95% of our previous Clients would recommend us to a friend or colleague. We strive for you and your clients to be satisfied by our service.


There are no upfront fees for you or your Client. Successful claims mean we can pay a commission to you, or in the event its waved, a discounted fee to your Client, just for the introduction.


We operate on a paid-on-results basis; meaning no financial commitment on the part from you or your clients.


Broaden your service by referring clients to the UKs leading capital allowance specialists. By introducing your clients, we can save them thousands of pounds in tax relief.


We ensure that your Client receives the maximum tax refund and future relief. Our service is award winning and we have an impressive 100% approval rate with HMRC.


Our detailed technical reports and fully auditable trails means we provide full visibility to HMRC.


We have a flawless record of approvals with HMRC when submitting for our claims.